Kid’s Feelings Spinner for Talking Out Feelings in Preschoolers


Kid’s Feelings Spinner! Talk about feelings and name those emotions with this cute feelings spinner. 

Get your kid’s talking about feelings with this feelings spinner printable! I use this with my preschooler, as well as my older children. This helpful printable PDF will encourage kids to talk about their feelings, express their feelings with correct words, and learn to name their feelings.

When they’re still little, they can use the spinner to express how they are feeling too, building up that emotional intelligence so when they’re older they will have the words to explain why they’re feeling the way they are.

I love how easy these are to just print and use with a little bit of prep.

This is an instant download, you won’t receive a physical product from me, but you’ll still be happy you purchased this preschool feelings printable!




-1 printable spinner craft, to talk about feelings with your preschooler 

– Print out at home OR choose a local print shop
I recommend using a laminator to help the pages last longer.


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