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Feelings and Emotions with Foxes Poster and Flashcards


Identifying Feelings and Emotions with Fox Faces

You won’t want to miss theseĀ Identifying Feelings and Emotions with Foxes Poster and flashcards. They are such a pretty way for your students to talk about feelings or point out their feelings when they don’t have the words yet and can’t articulate their emotions.


I love how easy these are to just print and use!



  • 5 pages printable
  • 1 Poster or worksheet where students can place one of either flashcards with different feelings on them.
  • Included emotions: tired, mad, silly, sad, happy, excited, funny, and nervous.



  • This is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten classrooms, parents or caregivers who want to add simple ways for students to talk about feelings and emotions in their classroom.
  • Parents looking for fun ways for kids to identify their feelings.



  • A simple, low-prep activity to help kids articulate feelings and emotions
  • Vibrant and bright


Each page is 8.5″ x 11″, but you can adjust this in your printer settings.



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