Halloween Alphabet Bingo


Halloween Bingo Cards, Alphabet Numbers!


Are you looking for a fun way to help your students recognize their ABC’s? It’s easy to mix up letters and sounds like B and D, P and R. These Halloween Alphabet Bingo Cards are just what you need!


Sometimes it can be hard to find activities that are fun and engaging for your child. That’s why I created Halloween Alphabet Bingo Cards. It’s an awesome way for your child to practice recognizing letters while having fun at the same time.


Make learning the alphabet a little less complicated.



  • 28 Different Bingo Cards with all of the letters of the alphabet (each card can hold all but two letters, and those letters are rotated into other cards)
  • Calling cards with capital letters as well as lowercase letters for you to pick which one to focus on.



  • This is perfect for parents who want to get their child ready for kindergarten, and practice letter recognition.
  • Parents and educators who are learning about letters during October and Halloween season! Practice all those letters we have been learning the last few weeks.
  • This is also perfect for teachers who are looking for a different way to cement letters into their students little minds.
  • Daycare providers looking for a fun and practical way to introduce and talk about letters in a group.



  • A beautiful and interactive way for you to review the alphabet.
  • Kids learn so well with games!
  • This offers a different approach to reconizing letters in a new environment.
  • Each page is 8.5″ x 11″, but you can adjust this in your printer settings.


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