Jellyfish Counting Clip Cards

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Jellyfish Counting Clip Cards

Jellyfish Counting Clip CardsĀ are an adorable and fun way to talk about numbers and counting, and make learning an engaging experience. The extra fine motor skills are an amazing addition!

The art is so beautiful on these too! These little squishy jellies are gorgeous, and vibrant!

I love how easy these are to just print and use, but I HIGHLY recommend laminating these papers.


  • 5 page PDF
  • Numbers 1-10


  • Great for homeschoolers
  • Perfect for preschool and kindergarten teachers
  • Moms who need a little extra time this summer.


  • Your child will talk about numbers, and begin to recognize a collection of numbers.
  • Your child will learn how to count with this fun, hands on set of clip cards
  • Learning numbers is easier than ever with counting clip cards. Kids will be excited about their “work” as they learn, and practice their fine motor skills.
  • A great way to supplement math work you might already have on hand or in a curriculum.
  • Provide a way for your child to have fun while learning.
  • Help little ones learn their numbers and the correct order.



  • Use counters to have hands on math with these!
  • I put these into a sensory bin with uncooked noodles (sand is a really fun idea too!) and let students find the cards, then put them in order by number.


Each page is 8.5″ x 11″, but you can adjust this in your printer settings.



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