Lucky Charms Inspired Alphabet Tracing Cards


St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet Tracing Cards Printable

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charms Marshmallow Cereal Themed alphabet tracing cards are such a fun way to practice alphabet recognition. The art on this is SO cute and fun, your students will love it.


When I think of St. Patrick’s Day, I think of green, rainbows, and hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers and blue moons. Did I say that right? These are so adorable! I love the fun marshmallow shapes. You could use these in a sensory bin OF LUCKY CHARMS. I love it. I hope you do too!


I love how easy these are to just print and use!


  • Four tracing cards per page, the perfect size for little hands learning to write.
  • Each letter is grayed out, so it’s easy to trace.
  • Lucky Charms(tm) inspired pictures with the letter printed across that you’ll be able to enjoy on each card.
  • I’ve also added in some letters flashcards you can use to practice upper and lowercase letters, or put into a sensory bin, or even use with a salt tray!



  • This is perfect for parents who want to get their child ready for kindergarten, and practice reading and writing.
  • This is also perfect for teachers who are looking for a cute way to cement letter tracing into their students little minds.



  • A beautiful and interactive way for you to review alphabet letters.
  • Each page is 8.5″ x 11″, but you can adjust this in your printer settings.


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