Nautical Sea Creature PreWriting Worksheets


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“These files are PDFs, you can simply download them onto your computer and print from your desk, or have it sent to be printed.

The first sheet is my “trace the anchors to the ocean floor” tracing work sheet. There are three ships and some squiggly lines that will help improve small motor skills and gives great prewriting practice.

Second are several objects with the name also to be traced, in all capital letters with dotted lines, to encourage vocabulary and defining objects. After that is the same idea with numbers. Numbers decorated with sea creatures and objects, then you write the number out next to it.

Next is a counting sheet with a picture of several objects, and lines underneath to write how many of each object the child found.

This is followed by a sheet for cutting out boxes with bubbles that have numbers on them, and pasting them in the correct order in the squares above. This is fantastic for number recognition and number order.

Last is another tracing sheet, but this time it’s from left to write, helping more with pre-writing and prereading.

Skills practiced with these sheets:
Pre-Writing – Tracing words, letters, and lines.
Scissor Skills – Cutting out boxes
Pasting and gluing skills – pasting boxes in the correct order
Counting Skills – Numbers range from 1-10

Extras needed to use these worksheets:
Markers, pens or crayons


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