Outer Space Lacing Cards for Preschoolers


Space Lacing Cards for Preschoolers

Outer Space Lacing Cards Printable is a great way to practice fine motor skills with your preschooler. These are so beautiful, and are themed around space, the solar system, and even has an astronaut!


Imagine your kids lacing with these planets, the sun, an astronaut, and a space shuttle!


I love how easy these are. Print them off (I recommend using a thick card stock) laminate and cut them out, then hole punch. Then you’re ready to give them to your little learners with some shoe laces or string with tape around the ends.



  • 13 page PDF
  • 10 different objects to lace.
  • Directions about using these and ways to differentiate.



  • Great for homeschoolers
  • Perfect for preschool teachers
  • Early finishers!
  • Use these in centers or morning work around your space curriculum



  • Your little learner will get to practice their fine motor skills.
  • Fine motor skills are an important step before learning to write and trace, sometimes this is called “pre-writing skills” or “pre-writing muscles”, Let’s flex them!
  • These space sewing cards are great for independent work!


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