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Seasons of the Year Flashcard Printables

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Seasons of the Year Flash Cards and Three Part Cards

TheseĀ Four Seasons of the Year Flash CardsĀ are a beautiful way to talk about seasons, and use as flash cards.


Learning and reviewing seasons are a fun part of preschool as well as kindergarten.


I love how easy these are. Print, cut, and go. You will LOVE the beautiful art on these.



  • Montessori style three part cards featuring the season’s name and a deciduous tree to give a visual of the season.
  • Four posters with different seasonally themed images, such as butterflies and flowers for spring, sand castles for summer, snow and winter clothing for winter, and leaves and pumpkins for autumn.
  • 16 images students can cut out and sort by season. Images include: sand castle, beach ball, beach hat, sand bucket and shovel, bee, umbrella, birds singing, flowers budding, snowflake, knit hat, knit mittens, sled, mushroom, leaf pile, yellow leaf, and pumpkin. You can also use your own images or objects to sort. I have had students draw what each season means to them on these pages as well.
  • Word tracing featuring the seasonal tree, and the name of each season for students to trace.
  • Season wheel: Each season is in the middle, represented by it’s seasonal tree, then the outside of the circle is three different sections where the month is shown. Students can cut out the shapes and arrange them on the black and white (or blank) version of this wheel, each included.



  • This is perfect for parents who want a beautifully illustrated way to talk about seasons with flashcards and fine motor skills.
  • Preschool teachers love the watercolor images
  • Montessori teachers love the realistic illustrations and



  • A beautiful and interactive way for you to review seasons of the year.
  • Each page is 8.5″ x 11″, but you can adjust this in your printer settings.


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