20+ Engaging Space Crafts


This space craft ebook is the perfect addition to any space curriculum.

Inside you’ll find 25 Space crafts, along with instructions and pictures for a step by step tutorial.

Gone are the days of being too overwhelmed to craft with your children. Pick this up, and you’ll have everything you need to bond with your little one and engage them in learning activities.

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25 amazing space crafts for you and your little to get creative and messy.

I spent too long hating crafts, and I realized it was because I was getting so overwhelmed with the messes they caused. I was worried I would have to spend all day cleaning, and I would never get some of the messes up.

It’s time to let go of those fears, and start living our lives and improving the happiness of our children.

Inside, you’ll find :

-Everything you need so you can go to the store with confidence that you have all the supplies necessary — no more starting a craft and realizing you forgot to buy glue.

-A step by step, no nonsense guide to each craft, with pictures — so you can get started and know the exact steps to start.

-Each craft is ONE page, so you don’t have to think you are finished with your project, just to see there is a second page.

-Overwhelm Proof guide to each craft. Because being an adult is hard enough, without the trouble of complicated instructions.


Maybe you’re like me, and you hate crafts, hate messes, and you’re overwhelmed ALL THE TIME.

This guide is for you.

Let’s get started!



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