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Turkey In Disguise Write the Room Printable

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Turkey in Disguise Write the Room

ThisĀ Turkey Themed Fall Write the Room SetĀ is a fun way for your students to get up and stretch their little legs during kindergarten centers.


If you’re a teacher looking for an easy Fall Themed Write the Room set this is the product for you.


I love how easy these are to just print and use.


My very favorite thing is all these cute little turkeys have DISGUISES, so they’re not going to get eaten on Thanksgiving. It’s very serious business here.



  • 12 different disguised turkeys for students to write the name of
    • bee
    • astronaut
    • bunny
    • chef
    • elephant
    • cow
    • doctor
    • firefighter
    • mermaid
    • pig
    • pineapple
    • avocado
  • Each disguised turkey card has two varieties. One is the name of the costume underneath. The second is just the turkey in their costume, and the student has to name it.
  • Two unique recording sheets, one is just the number of the turkey, the other has a little miniature turkey in black and white for them to write the name next to.
  • I’ve also included a “My Turkey’s Disguise” writing sheet with primary lines and space to draw their favorite turkey disguise.



  • This is perfect for elementary teachers looking for a cute write the room for fall.



  • A simple, low-prep activity to help kids identify the differences in turkeys.
  • Bonus sheet of lined paper for writing about their favorite turkey disguise.


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